Sailing & Exploring Belize! Week Vacation!

Sailing & Exploring Belize! Week Vacation!

11 Aug 10:00 - 18 Aug 16:00 - Placencia
Placencia, Belize, Central America


What is Included in this Trip:

- This is an All-Inclusive trip. Everything on the yacht is covered for 7 days and 7 nights.

- Enjoy the food for Breakfast, Lunch and a few Dinners. Drinks are also included, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, for 7 days. All costs of food and drinks on the yacht are included. Also, hop off the boat at exotic island locations for some of the Dinners.

- Each 2-person cabin has a queen-sized bed for 7 nights on the yacht. In addition, you can slumber on the deck and enjoy stars like you’ve never seen them before. We will be anchored in protected locations every night.

- Tons of Fun Activities! Enjoy Swimming, Hiking and Exploring to your heart’s content. Plus enjoy, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Snorkeling at no extra cost.

- Go Swimming and Scuba-diving (rental fees apply) with many kinds of ocean life in the largest barrier reef outside of the great barrier reef in Australia. See Manatee’s, Nurse Shark’s, Eagle Ray’s, Whale Shark’s, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Glowing Algae (Glowing Bio-luminescence), Octopus and Squid, and Sperm Whales!

- The water is teal blue and has amazing coral reefs. Most of the water we will be sailing in is at most 40 - 50 feet deep. So most days you will be able to see the bottom of the water!

- Fishing (trolling) off the back of the yacht. There are many different types of fish in Belize including Mahi Mahi, BoneFish, Permit, Tarpin, Wahoo, and much more.

- At night we will be anchoring/mooring near islands, keys, or reefs and be enjoying the calm water in protected locations from waves. People can literally jump off the boat and swim to shore where in some of the locations we will have dinner at the local resorts/restaurants/bars. We even have a dingy that we will use to get to and from shore for those who want to stay dry.

- You can Learn the Basics of Sailing with an introduction to sailing with Captain Charlie! You will also receive Study Materials.

What is NOT included in the price of the trip:

- Your flight to Placencia, Belize (Please wait until Captain Charlie contacts you before booking your flight.)

- Hotel before and after the sailing trip (Again, please wait until Captain Charlie contacts you before booking your hotel.)

- Any extra activities such as scuba diving, kite boarding, etc.

- Any meals or drinks outside of the boat.

- You are crew on this trip. No chef is aboard this yacht trip. The food will need to be prepared by people willing to contribute some effort.

- Tips & gratuities

Description Of Your Vacation:

Have you ever wanted to swim with a manatee, or sea turtle? Do you love deep sea fishing? Are you looking to relax on a secluded white sandy beach? Are you looking for a great place to do some sailing in some teal blue water? This Adventure Sailing Trip is the best way to see the amazing Belize Islands and Reef! Find an outlet for your stress and challenging yourself with something new and exciting! People feel more fulfilled and present in their daily lives when they are on the water, you should try it too!

Each trip we do is different but there are a lot of locations we will be able to see. There are incredibly beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and some of the most pristine Belize diving, Belize snorkeling and fishing spots. You will see tall coconut woodland from a long way off. There are reefs all around us and have some of the best underwater views in the world. Often our guests will opt for a picnic lunch on the beautiful white sandy beach under the palm trees and enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling, or kayak along the Belize reef.

The water is extraordinarily clear most days with an average visibility of 100 feet or more on a sunny day. This is an adventure water wonderland for Belize diving enthusiasts, snorkelers, fishermen, and kayakers.

If you do the figures yourself you will realize that you will not only get the trip of a lifetime but you will see the value as well. You get the cost of the yacht (which is amazing by the way, we try to find the nicest, newest, and most tricked out yacht available), all the expenses they don't tell you about will be covered. Like fuel, fresh water, insurance, mooring and park fees, kayak, paddle-board, snorkels, masks, and fins. The experiences are also included like swimming and exploring with animal life and these amazing locations. Not to mention all the food! If you went to Belize on your own and tried to pay for everything individually you will notice you will probably pay similar if not more for a similar experience.

This trip is worth every penny because you will be on a beautiful new private yacht sailing the most beautiful locations in the world and enjoying delicious meals and lovely company. You will be seeing and in some cases swimming with some of the most beautiful sea animals.

You can, if you want, be sailing, working the lines and steering the yacht. You will enjoy the adventure that is sailing! By the time you leave the Yacht you will have a great understanding of how to sail your own yacht in these similar locations. Not to mention an amazing experience that will last a lifetime!

Your Captain and Crew:

I pride myself on being fun, entertaining, and energetic! This is a passion for me and not a job. I do this because I love sailing, the ocean and ocean life, and for that matter, just having fun! I hope you can catch the sailing bug too. There is something for everyone on this trip! You will experience adventure, excitement, beauty, and life energizing fulfillment! I promise that you will learn something new every day about who you are and what you can accomplish! I learn something new every time I take one of these trips. This is the best adventures anyone can have in some of the best destinations in the world!

You can learn the latest sailing tools, techniques, and technologies from a US Coast Guard Certified Captain. I have been a sailor for more than 35 years and have over 1200 days of sailing experience. I’ve sailed many different types of sailing yachts in many locations around the world.

Back in San Francisco, I teach sailing. On this trip, you can also learn the basics of sailing including how to tack, jibe, anchor, tie knots, heave to and much more. You will be sailing, sleeping and, pretty much, living aboard a boat for 7 days. We will be Island and Coastal hopping; anchoring near each Island, Reef, and Cove. Enjoying what each location has to offer including island restaurants and other local adventures and entertainment.

Our Yacht:

This is the yacht we will be on (images below). We will have two options depending on how many people come on this trip. But each yacht has 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms. More details will be provided as soon as we have our trip meeting and/or you can contact me and we can discuss the trip.

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